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7 secrets of the newborn book review
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“Pediatrician Hamilton offers a cheery, exuberant text intended to celebrate babies, convince readers to have babies, and educate parents about how to best negotiate and enjoy the first 12 months of a child’s life. The author, a father of six and grandfather of seven, is clearly enamored by and knowledgeable about his subject. New or prospective parents may very well find his enthusiasm contagious.
–Publishers Weekly

“Parents starting out without a big budget or level of experience will breathe a big sigh of relief. The joy of Hamilton’s book is helping future and new parents return to that carefree space.”


“New parents will enjoy this poetic celebration about the love that grows in your heart when you’re graced with a new baby. Dr. Hamilton is a gentle and experienced father and physician, and he has filled this sweet book with practical tips and sage insights that inform and delight.”
Harvey Karp, M.D., author of The Happiest Baby on the Block

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